How do you know when you’ve found the right home for your family? Careful planning and consideration of your options can help ensure that you will be happy with the home you select. Whatever type of home you end up looking for, your selection should be based on an educated decision. We’ve been in real estate for quite some time and know that buying a home is very exciting but stressful at times. Our job is to keep the stress away and help find you a home you’re going to love for many years to come. From our experience, here are some great tips we know can help narrow down your many thoughts about buying a new home. 

Before Starting Your Home Search

Before you begin the search for a home, you should make sure your financial house is in order. Get a copy of your credit report and verify that the information it contains about you is correct. If not, correct any errors as soon as possible. If you have any outstanding bad debts, you should clear them up before you apply for a mortgage or else risk paying a higher interest rate or being denied altogether.

Once you know your credit history is in good shape, search for a mortgage lender and get preapproved for your mortgage. Having a mortgage preapproval letter will give you credibility and possibly extra leverage as a buyer when it comes time to make an offer to purchase a home.

If you’re the type who likes to see what is on the market to compare neighborhoods and prices, you may want to find the perfect realtor before find your mortgage lender. Great realtors have great connections within their community and often times can refer you to great mortgage lenders who they have had great results working with them in the past. 

Starting Your Home Search

When you start looking, always be prepared to make an offer on a home you know if the one fore your family. You never know when you'll come across the one you want. Once you do, you may find you need to act quickly to keep it from falling into the hands of another interested buyer. At the same time, learn to be patient. Don't jump at the first house you see because you're afraid you won't find anything better. Wait until you find what you're looking for, because you may have to live with it for some time to come. You want to be happy with the home you select.

Consider your needs

When deciding what you need in a house, move from general to specific considerations. Begin by picking a price range and a general location. Next, think about what sort of living arrangement (e.g., a single-family home, condominium, or cooperative) best suits your needs. Once that's done, you can focus on more of the details, such as a particular neighborhood, the age of the home, and the type of home you want.

When you get down to even more specific details (e.g., the number of rooms, a fireplace), you may want to make a list of wants and needs, keeping in mind what you can afford. This may help you keep matters in perspective once you begin shopping.