Spring may be a very busy time for real estate agents, but fall and early winter months don’t fall too far behind. August through December marks a time-frame where growing families are looking to settle their growing families into bigger spaces with more family-focused amenities. Additionally, those buying a home within these months are more “serious buyers because they are looking with a specific purpose”, suggests Amanda Howard.

If you’re looking to sell your house soon, then there is good news for you! Growing families looking to buy a home narrow down their selections based on the following must-have features.

Separate Living Spaces
Growing families love a lot of space and separate living spaces provide that. Whether they are potty-training a two-year old or are helping their teenager study for a big exam, separate living spaces provide ideal space to allow for multiple activities. Families believe it is important to have a space where they can spend quality time together, while still allowing a space where kids can be kids.

A Central Kitchen
Everyone loves a spacious kitchen, especially one that is centralized within the home. From baking cookies with your kids to making a well-served meal for the holidays, great kitchen space is essentials. Growing families utilize the kitchen daily, so a centralized kitchen with easy access is important. Experts suggest that a great kitchen utilizes space for multiple purposes.

There can never be enough storage in a home. Surveys have suggested that closet space functions as more than a wardrobe closet for many families. From creating an arts and crafts closet, to simply organizing holiday decor, wrapping papers and much more, closet space adds a great value for many growing families. Even if your home has limited closets, utilizing full wall space within the closet is essentials. Experts suggest built-in shelves for small closets to help use empty space at the top of every closet.

Backyard Space
Backyards serve many purposes, and for growing families, playing kick ball or enjoying a quick swim is a time well-spent. If you have a backyard, utilize the space where families can organize fun playhouses for their young kids while still having plenty of space for grown-up BBQs. Fencing is another factor to consider if you’re getting ready to sell your home. Fencing provides some privacy from neighbors, and many families enjoy their own space especially if they have furry friends around.

Master Suite
Of course, a Master Suite is a place for parents to get away and relax. Coming home after a long day to an area designed for adults, helps parents find peace. Consider designing your master suite as a retreat-like hotel for buyers to feel right at home. A master suite should provide a combination of convenience and privacy to make it a perfect haven for home owners.

Homes vary in style and sized and all families will have different preferences. Before you sell your home, consider incorporating convenient amenities within your home; considering the next buyer.

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The Cook & Loeffler Team
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